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Road Sweeper
Road SweeperQTH8501 Hot sale Multi-functional Road Sweeper Qingdao Allite Auto Technic Co., Ltd. Product Description: ALLITE Multi-functional high performance road sweeper is specially designed for the cleaning of urban roads, communities, parks and squares and other cleaning working conditions. It can be...


Road Sweeper

ALLITE Multi-functional high performance road sweeper is 图片2.png

specially designed for the cleaning of urban roads,
communities, parks and squares and other cleaning working
conditions. It can be applied for high pressure washing, dust
suction, lifting & dumping, narrow space suction.
Major parts of the engine and hydraulic system are imported
from famous brands.
Distinct vacuum draw system design ensures very high drawing
and sweeping performance and energy saving operation.
Major and auxiliary brushes can independently work, which
makes the whole machine more flexible and expands sweeping
scope so that the operator is able to draw and sweep garages
on the sidewalk, street, park, and square and in surrounding areas.

1. Single-engine Design, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection.
The whole  machine adopts Kubota  V3600 diesel engine  that consumes  4.5L/H, which decreases exhaust gas emission by 30% to reduce secondary pollution.
2. Nice Appearance
Employ a  professional  appearance design  team  for meticulous  design  to the  extent that  the hole machine represents strong modern metropolis sense.
3. Stability and Reliability
This product adopts full hydraulic  system design, and key parts are imported  from internationally known brands, thus ensuring the stability and reliability of the system.
4. Compact Structure, Flexible
With a  professional design team,  this product is  subject to full  three-dimensional design and well decorated to maximize the space utilization. In combination  with front-wheel drive and rear axle steering, the  ground distance and whole  machine approach angle design  are maximized so  that the whole  machine is characterized by  high trafficability and small radius of turning circle.

7. Patent product. (ZL 2011 2 0529861.0)




The  driving cabinet  is  spacious and  bright  with adjustable  chair  and steering  wheel,  air 

conditioner,intelligent operating handle as well as front and rear camera, which can clearly indicate 

the front suction port and rear gate, giving you a convenient and comfortable operation.


Suitable for different enviroment


Success project



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