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The SCO Summit Success Finished In Qingdao
Jun 13, 2018

The SCO held in June of Qingdao.And now it was success finished.Qingdao got lots of praise.

On June 10, the 18th meeting of the Council of Heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states was held at the Qingdao International Convention Center. President Xi Jinping presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech.

Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao, June 10th (Reporter Yu Xiaozhong and Zhu Chao) The 18th meeting of the Council of Heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states took place on the 10th at the Qingdao International Convention Center. Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech. Leaders of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, heads of permanent establishments, leaders of observer countries, and heads of international organizations such as the United Nations attended the meeting. The participating parties reviewed the history of the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, exchanged in-depth opinions on the development status, tasks, and prospects of the organization, coordinated positions on major international and regional issues, and reached broad consensus.

Qingdao in June is picturesque. Outside the International Conference Center, the blue sea and blue sky, the flags of the participating countries, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Flag, and the flags of the participating international organizations fluttered in the wind. At 11 am, the meeting officially began.

In his opening remarks, Xi Jinping first thanked all parties for their strong support and close cooperation with China for the work of the chairman of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the past year. He pointed out that this summit was the first summit held since the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and it was of great significance for the past and future. Welcome Indian Prime Minister Modi and Pakistani President Hussein to attend the summit for the first time as leaders of member states.

Xi Jinping subsequently published an important speech titled "Carry Forward the "Shanghai Spirit" to Build a Destiny Community." Xi Jinping pointed out that since the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization 17 years ago, it has gone through an extraordinary course of development and achieved major achievements. We follow the “Shanghai Treaty Organization Charter” and the “Treaty on Long-term Good Neighborly Friendship, Cooperation and Cooperation among the SCO Member States” to build a constructive partnership that is non-aligned, non-confrontational, and not targeted at third parties. This is a major innovation in international relations theory and practice. It has created a new model of regional cooperation and made new contributions to regional peace and development. Today, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is the world's most comprehensive and most populous regional cooperative organization. Its international influence has been continuously enhanced and it has become an important force that can promote world peace and development and safeguard international fairness and justice.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the SCO has always maintained a strong vitality and a strong driving force for cooperation. The fundamental reason is that it creatively proposed and consistently practices the "Shanghai spirit," advocating mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations, and seeking common development. In today’s world, the democratization of international relations has become an irresistible trend of the times. Security and stability are the goals of the people, and cooperation and win-win situation are the trend of the times. The exchange of views among different civilizations is the common aspiration of people of all countries. We must further promote the “Shanghai spirit,” advocate innovation, coordination, green, open, and shared development, practice common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security concepts, and uphold the concept of cooperation that is open, integrated, mutually beneficial, and win-win. Establish a culture of equality, mutual understanding, dialogue, and tolerance, adhere to the principle of seeking common development, building a shared, global governance, and solve the problems of the times so as to resolve the risks and challenges.

Xi Jinping stressed that "Shanghai Spirit" is our common wealth and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is our common homeland. We must continue to work together under the guidance of the "Shanghai Spirit" to cooperate with each other and work together sincerely to make concerted efforts to build the fate community of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, promote the building of new-type international relations, and work hand in hand toward a world of lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness and tolerance, and cleanliness and beauty. .

The first is to unite the powerful forces of solidarity and mutual trust. We must respect each other's choice of development path, take into account each other's core interests and major concerns, and constantly increase the cohesion and centripetal force of the organization.

Second, build a common foundation for peace and security. We must strengthen defense security, law enforcement security, and information security cooperation to promote the peace reconstruction process in Afghanistan. In the next three years, China is willing to train 2,000 law enforcement personnel for all parties and strengthen law enforcement capabilities.

Third, build a strong engine for common development and prosperity. We must promote the development of strategic links, promote the construction of the “One Belt and One Road” and accelerate the process of regional trade facilitation. China will set up a RMB 30 billion equivalent equivalent loan in the framework of the SCO Banking Consortium.

Fourth, tighten the common bond of cultural exchanges and cooperation. We must solidly promote exchanges and cooperation in such fields as education, science and technology, culture, tourism, health, disaster reduction, media, environmental protection, and youth. In the next three years, China will provide each member country with 3,000 individual training resources for development and will use weather satellite No. 2 to provide weather services for all parties.

Fifth, jointly expand the network of partners for international cooperation. We must strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries such as observer countries and dialogue partners, closely cooperate with international and regional organizations such as the United Nations, conduct dialogues with international financial institutions, and make contributions to promoting the resolution of hot issues and improving global governance.

Xi Jinping finally emphasized that China is ready to work with all member states to implement the consensus of this meeting in a spirit of active, pragmatic and friendly cooperation and support the work of the next chairman country, Kyrgyzstan, to create a brighter future for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. .

Indian Prime Minister Modi, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kyrgyz President Gennabekov, Pakistani President Hussein, Russian President Putin, Tajikistan President Rakhmon, Uzbekistan President Mirzijoyev, Alibmov, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Thursoev, Director of the Regional Anti-Terrorism Organization of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Gani Afghan, President Lukashenko of Belarus, Iranian President Ruhani, Mongolian President Battullah, The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Aminna, spoke in succession. They spoke highly of China’s contribution to promoting the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its work during the presidency, and made positive comments on the significance of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s acceptance of India and Pakistan’s accession. All parties stated in unanimously that they will continue to adhere to the "Shanghai spirit", continue to consolidate practical cooperation in the political, security, economic, and humanities fields, improve the global economic governance system, consolidate and develop the multilateral trading system, and resolve regional hot issues within the framework of international legal norms. Promote the construction of human destiny community. The "One Belt and One Road" initiative was again widely welcomed and supported