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Sanitation Vehicle
Apr 19, 2018

Sanitation vehicle  is a special vehicle used for city planning and cleaning. Sanitation trucks are mainly divided into sprinkler trucks and garbage trucks.

Sprinklers are classified by brand: Nanjun Sprinkler, Dongfeng Water Tanker, Liberation Tanker, Foton Water Tanker, Heavy Crude Water Tanker, Shaanxi Steam Tanker

The garbage trucks are classified by brand: Nanjun Garbage Truck, Dongfeng Garbage Truck, Liberated Garbage Truck, Futian Garbage Truck, Heavy Duty Garbage Truck, Shaanxi Steam Truck

Sprinklers are categorized by appearance: single-bridge sprinkler, double-bridge sprinkler, front four rear eight sprinkler, flat head sprinkler, tip sprinkler

Garbage trucks are categorized according to their appearance: swing arm type garbage trucks, bucket type self-loading and unloading garbage trucks, hook wall type carriage unloading garbage trucks, compression garbage trucks, sealed dump trucks, butt-type garbage trucks

Road sweepers are categorized by appearance: sweepers, sweepers, sweepers, garbage sweepers, road sweepers

Sanitation truck series classified products include: sprinkler trucks, sewage suction trucks, suction trucks, garbage trucks, high pressure cleaning trucks, road sweepers