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Obtain “City Mayor Cup”
May 11, 2018

The QTH8501 multi-function sweeper R&D and manufactured by Qingdao Tonghui Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was designed to obtain 2017 “City Mayor Cup” industrial design competition with creative designs such as high-pressure flushing, dust-removing cleaning, high dumping, and narrow space extraction. The Smart Design Awards adds a wonderful footnote to Tonghui's business philosophy of high-end products and brand companies.

 In 2013, the company began to invest special funds, special technical personnel dedicated to research and development of road sweeper projects, after 3 years, in September 2015, Tonghui QTH8501 multi-function sweeper successfully went offline and passed multiple tests, and obtained 12 items. Patent certificate, successfully listed.

At present, Tonghui Auto Sweeper has successfully entered the Beijing Olympic Sports Center, Zhejiang Hangzhou Science and Technology Town, Henan Hechuan Environmental Sanitation Department, Henan Luoyang Sanitation Department, Liaoning Yingkou Bayuquan Sanitation Department, Heilongjiang Hegang Sanitation Department and other units, due to its advanced The technology, reliable quality and stable performance have been well received by customers.

 After this honor, our company will make persistent efforts, stick to the path of “specialty and specialization” and carefully create a variety of “smart and sanitation products” that suit China’s national conditions. "Import key equipment, innovate key technologies, strengthen the combination of independent innovation and joint innovation, carry out integrated innovation, form advanced productivity, foster long-term competitiveness of enterprises, and actively strive for the leading brand in China's sanitation industry."