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Leakage Of Stainless Steel Water Tanks Contingency Plan
Apr 17, 2017

Leakage of stainless steel water tanks contingency plan 1. Tin-zinc aluminum alloy welded water tanks will 6o% tin, 35% zinc and 5% aluminum tieshao and other appliances in the heating melting, molded slender electrode. Cleaning cracks in the oil, abrasive oxide coated emery cloth, and then with a screwdriver or broken saw blade scraping clean, using the torch to heat the aluminum parts to 300 ℃ -40o ℃ (attention temperature cannot be too high), the electrode will be rubbed at the crack, when the electrode melts, with a screwdriver to melt the electrode alloy in the cracks in friction, so that the alloy flow into the cracks, then gradually thickened welding layer. 2. Repairing water Tanks with adhesives (1) Cleaning the cracks with metal cleaning agent, scraping the paint, dirt and rust by scraper, and shovel out the groove along the cracks, and then use the Gasoline is cleaned repeatedly. (2) The xh-Ⅱ type adhesive A, b component of the equal extrusion, and the Agricultural machinery I adhesive (amount of about the above adhesive help I/3) repeatedly. (3) Cut two pieces of oily, slightly larger than the groove surface of the broken glass fiber cloth, coated with a layer of adhesive. ¢ ü will be coated with adhesive fiber cloth Tight on both sides of the cracks, over IO minutes-15 minutes, then rub a layer of adhesive, curing at room temperature after 25 hours can be used. 3. Repairing water tank cracks by adhesive penetration (1) to dry the water tank and drill 3 mm holes at the ends of the cracks, such as a long or curved crack, which can be drilled at the middle or corners of the bend, using the A scraping crack, exposing a metallic luster. (2) with 5o2 adhesive dripping in two holes, with 3 mm aluminum rivet riveting, sealing cracks. (3) The adhesive drops in the cracks, and then with a hammer in the cracks in the two strokes, adhesive penetration into cracks, and then drip in 3o minutes and percussion, repeated 2-4 times, until the glue can not penetrate, placing 3 hours-5 hours can be used.