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How To Safeguard The Winter Work Freeze Of Three-wheeled Suction Truck
Apr 17, 2017

Three-wheeled suction truck in winter how to freeze manure, three-wheeled suction truck more and thinner society as well as consumers, its use is also more and more widespread, the winter weather gradually become cold, the temperature is lowered, some places have frozen, and this climate situation for three-wheeled suction truck work also caused a certain problem, the weather is too cold, three-wheeled suction truck to suck the feces of liquids, etc. There are signs of icing, or may be frozen in the course of their transport, and this will have some damage to the parts of the piping of the three-wheeled suction truck. So in winter three-wheeled suction truck in the feces, how to do antifreeze? In the process of sucking manure, if the temperature is too low to cause a septic tank or sewage pond icing conditions, then to choose the ice-free areas or from the bottom of the ice suction work to avoid pumping to large ice, cause damage to the pipeline or plug the pipe; the suction will be as soon as possible without transport and immediately discharged, should not be stored in a three-wheeled suction truck dung tanks, so as to avoid its icing in the manure tanks, affecting the three-wheeled truck-sucking "health" problem. After the suction discharge, the suction truck to carry out thorough plot work, the vacuum pumps, engines and so on meticulous inspection and maintenance, to ensure the next three-wheeled suction truck and its service life.