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How To Do The Watering Slow
Apr 17, 2017

The common troubles of sprinkler: water pumps can not suck and can't water or suck time long, but our factory production of sprinkler all work is inseparable from pumps, but pumps are the most prone to fault components. When the sprinkler can't suck water, please follow the steps below to detect, first, check the sprinkler water pump nozzle and outlet switches open; Sprinkler pumps for the self-priming pump, the first time to use irrigation water; Check whether the front section of the suction water pipe network has debris clogging the intake; to inspect the inlet pipe for sealing, to exclude the malfunction of the leak. The water pump diversion height of the ordinary sprinkler should be less than 5 meters; check the water pump oil seal is damaged, the pump shaft leakage affects its vacuum degree, should replace the sealing piece The sprinkler engine speed is too low to reach the desired vacuum. Adjust the throttle to rotate speed in 1700 rpm/divide, gearbox may require different engine speeds; Check whether the watering machine is working, the force and the drive shaft detachment will cause the pump not to work; check whether the water pump speed is normal, there is no abnormal sound. There is a lot of debris around the blade. Then in the process of testing to avoid long-term idling pumps, resulting in excessive water pump temperature affect its life expectancy.