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How To Buy Compressed Garbage Truck
Apr 17, 2017

Snow and ice weather is not more than hot summer, the way to pay attention to be particularly many. Firstly, we should pay attention to the sealing problem of compressed garbage truck. Because the weather temperature is lower in winter, is also good health season, so go out to eat and at home soup more than, many places in the garbage cans are kitchen garbage, in the purchase of garbage truck, the first problem is to choose a better sealing performance of garbage trucks, effectively avoiding the secondary pollution of kitchen garbage. Second, the compressed garbage truck body do not have a hydraulic cylinder. Avoid cooking garbage of oily sludge, such as fine sand or stone, such as damage to the hydraulic cylinder system caused the oil spill things happen, such as hydraulic cylinders broken down, the whole garbage truck is paralyzed. Finally, it is to choose a regular manufacturer of compressed garbage truck. This can guarantee quality and later maintenance care. The purchase of garbage trucks, but also the main different seasons to the garbage truck some details, so that better work!