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Garbage Trucks Are Mainly Carrying Life Garbage
Apr 17, 2017

Garbage trucks are mainly to carry live garbage, can also transport ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk construction materials, or in mines or coal jianzhong to send ore or coal. Brief introduction of garbage truck function: Garbage bucket can hang up, swing arm a working cycle time 60S, the car is characterized by the separation of garbage bucket and bodywork, can achieve a vehicle with multiple garbage bucket joint use, circular transport, fully improve the transport capacity of vehicles, particularly suitable for short-haul transport, such as the sanitation sector of town garbage and cleaning, transport and so on. A detailed introduction of the garbage truck's compressed type 

★ Compressed Garbage Truck: Adopting electromechanical integration technology, adopting the combination of machine, electric and liquid automatic control system, through the carriage, filling device, push shovel and other special devices, to achieve garbage loading, crushing or compacting, strong filling, finally the garbage compaction into the carriage, transported to the destination for automatic unloading. Its prominent features: garbage collection method is simple, efficient, with repeated compression and creep compression functions, high compression ratio, large loading quality, operation Automation, power, environmental protection, the vehicle utilization efficiency. 

★ Compressed Garbage Truck Introduction: Compressed garbage truck mainly through the garbage, filling, push shovel, hydraulic system and other special devices, the realization of garbage dump, crush or compressed into the new green company produced by the garbage collection truck with convenient, efficient, can automatically repeatedly compressed garbage, as well as the peristaltic compression function, high compression ratio, large load, operation automation, sealing good characteristics. 

★ Compressed Garbage Truck is a full-sealed, compressed process of sewage directly into the sewage chamber, the waste transportation process to completely solve secondary pollution, the key components selected imports. 

★ With hanging bucket lifting rack, can be matched by the use of the national general iron hanging barrel or plastic hanging barrels, strong filling, garbage pushed into the carriage and compaction and shirk.