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Cultivate A Good Habit Of Checking
Apr 17, 2017

Three wheeled suction truck Maintenance Tips: The cause of oil is a very important protection engine, there are many "burning oil" phenomena, volatile oil, engine-running, engine type can cause engine "burn", but by strengthening the day-to-day maintenance of vehicles, can reduce and avoid risk. Therefore, should pay attention to the maintenance hint what? 1. Cultivate a good habit of checking. Should be based on different conditions of use in peacetime, daily maintenance of regular inspection of oil, such as the lower than the oil, should be promptly added. The use of years and miles long, often in harsh conditions under the use of vehicles, check the corresponding frequency will increase. In this way, even if the vehicle appears "burning oil", can do early detection of early treatment, reduce maintenance costs. 2. Select high quality gasoline. After oxidation of gasoline additives, the formation of colloidal substances, combustion nozzles into the combustion chamber, will be at the top of the entrance valve, piston, piston ring trough, the formation of carbon deposition in the field of combustion chamber, spark plug, strengthen the aging part, "burning oil." Therefore, the choice of high-quality gasoline can reduce the oil "burning" phenomenon. 3. Daily maintenance of vehicles. The vehicle maintenance cycle is formulated according to the normal driving small pumping dung truck, vehicle, poor use condition, shorten maintenance time according to actual situation and supervision mileage. 4. Select high quality oil. Oil should try to choose well-known brands. If the condition permits, the selection of synthetic oil is better. High-quality oil not only better cleaning performance, reduce the sludge and carbon components wear, thus reducing the occurrence of burning oil, at the same time, there is better stability, so that the oil engine to maintain proper viscosity at high temperatures, high speed level, ensure effective sealing, reduce oil consumption.