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Advantages Of Using Fecal-suction Truck Cleaning
Apr 17, 2017

With the continuous development of the domestic aquaculture industry, artificial cleaning of manure has become a huge job, even for some large-scale farms, is a task that cannot be completed; But with the continuous progress of scientific production technology, with good cleaning function of the suction truck appeared in the world, and solved the past existence of various cleaning problems, has been translated into one of the main cleaning machinery, so what are the advantages of such machinery? Next, Yuncheng Special Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. related personnel to give you a detailed talk. The suction truck mainly has agricultural tricycle, vacuum pump, tank body composition, three main components directly composed of ultra high clean performance of the suction truck, in its work, mainly by the Tricycle engine to drive the vacuum pump, and then by the vacuum pump to complete the entire cleaning process, and in the process of its work, only need to manually connect the tank pipe into the septic tank, and then manually sitting in the operation room can automatically start cleaning up, and then the operator only need to observe the pressure gauge, when the pressure gauge pointer to the red position , the operator can shut down the machinery, and then pass the stool to the designated location, and it has automatic emission function, also greatly facilitates the user, the whole process can only be manually operated, thus not only labor-saving, time, but also improve the cleaner efficiency.