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The universality of the washing machine
Apr 17, 2017

Washing machine, sweeping car and other cleaning equipment is designed to clean the cleaning machinery and equipment, in the present to wash the work has: hotel, medical and health, wholesale, sports venues municipal sanitation, Aviation Wharf, business building, public places, manufacturing workshop, warehousing and logistics, sweeping the car, washing machine and other cleaning equipment in these venues play a high-efficient cleaning role, it reduces the cleaning of manpower costs together also improve the working power and cleaning is indispensable in modern society. 1 Intensive Cleaning equipment work has ushered in from scratch "flowers blooming" situation, rough opened up to constitute the quality of cleaning equipment and practitioners mixed! Competition in disorder, brand operation is more maladjusted, short continuity of useful implementation, users face a lot of brand confusion, difficult to choose mutatis mutandis, shopping malls and work are urgently needed to change. Intensive can be the inferior storage, rendezvous cost, change cleaning equipment manufacturing and operation of the status quo is the only way to open cleaning equipment. 2 universalization Coupled with the sustained and steady growth of our economy, the demand for washing machines in the mall is increasing, we are from strangers to know, from knowing to use, washing equipment will usher in a widespread turn. Our quest for high-quality day environment and clean production environment makes cleaning equipment more and more popular in days and produces 3 Localization C8756CA12F4239DAE81714771B9680AC.jpg Domestic washing machine will be with imported cleaning equipment opened a full range of shopping malls competitions. With the increase of domestic demand, the degree of localization of cleaning equipment will be more and more, the process of localization will be faster. With the current domestic technology can be made in good quality and the function of comparable to even across the import of cleaning equipment, breaking the machinery occupies high-end shopping malls situation, intact change cleaning equipment in China's shopping mall pattern. 4 simplification This begged cleaning equipment washing machine to simplify the direction of the open, lower the threshold of application, so that cleaning equipment like "fool" cameras everyone will use. The use of universal cleaning equipment is necessary to make everyone use. Cleaning equipment opened itself also begged manufacturers to make more convenience to our use of the merchandise, in order to maximize the satisfaction of the needs of the same application. For the user to invent convenience is for oneself to invent wealth.