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The swing-arm refuse collector
Sep 19, 2017

The swing-arm refuse collector is a new product integrating garbage collection and transport under the independent research and development of our company according to actual needs in urban and rural areas in China and by summarizing advantages of other products and improving the disadvantages of the similar products. The key parts adopt high quality famous products, and can be optional according to user demand. The vehicle has passed the test of national auto inspection center and compulsory product certification (3c). All indexes of the products meet the national standard requirements.


1. It uses the swing arm to lift the garbage can up and down by the power of the vehicle and hydraulic pressure, with simple operation, so one person can complete all the work. 

2. The garbage can is set under the ground, and there are no any buildings on the ground, with less land occupation, safety and health. 

3. With less investment and wide range of application, it is suitable for large scale installation. 

4. It has high reliability and low maintenance cost. 

5. Select according to user demand: six-cylinder or four-cylinder engine, power steering device, air conditioning, etc.