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The kitchen garbage truck
Sep 19, 2017

The kitchen garbage truck integrates the design advantages of all kitchen garbage trucks across the country, and perfects the design flaws and disadvantages of original kitchen garbage truck. It has passed the demonstration and test of environmental sanitation professionals in society. It has reached the international advanced level, and its technical performance index and product quality take the leading position in China.


1. The truck integrates the design advantages of all garbage trucks across the country and perfects the kinds of garbage truck. It’s a refuse collector used for centralized collection of food waste from catering and kitchen. The truck not only realizes the separate collection and transport of the waste, but also greatly improves the leakage problem during the transport to a certain extent, protecting the environment and saving the energy. 

2. It uses the domestic well-known second class automotive chassis, with good dynamic performance, reliable quality and flexibility. 

3. Its sides is equipped with hydraulic lifting equipment which is suitable for lifting the square, with 120 and 240 litres of standard trash can.