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sweeper truck
Aug 01, 2017

Sweeper truck road sweeping vehicles as one of sanitation equipment, is a set of road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation as one of the new efficient cleaning equipment.

Sweeper truck is a special vehicle for road cleaning. Sweep vehicles as one of sanitation equipment, with time and effort of the function. Is a set of road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation as one of the new efficient cleaning equipment. Can be widely applied to urban streets, municipal plaza and airport pavement, urban residential areas, parks and other road cleaning operations. Sweep vehicles can not only clean the garbage, but also on the road air medium dust purification, to ensure that the road clean and tidy, to prevent dust flying, to maintain a good working conditions on the road, reduce and prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents and Further extending the service life of the road.


(1), push-type sweeper and hand-held sweeper sweeper



(2), self-propelled road vehicles

(3), pure sweeping road vehicles

(4), suction sweepers

(5), pure suction sweeper (multi-function full suction sweeper)

(6), dry sweeper

(7), wet sweeper

(8) full suction sweeper


1, pure suction road cleaning car introduced

Pure suction sweeper


Pure suction road sweeper independent research and development production of "no pure suction road cleaning car secondary dust pollution, the function is better than the traditional sweeping vehicles," the new high-tech products!

The use of negative pressure pure suction principle, the vacuum system, a dust box, the second dust box, dust recovery system, hydraulic system, electronic control system and walking system and other components, with a wide range of dust, High temperature, no secondary dust, the outlet without dust emissions, high efficiency, is the sanitation clean and material recycling of the preferred products. It is suitable for the multi-dust, high concentration and large density industrial and mining enterprises which are prone to dust pollution. The road cleaning, cleaning and cleaning of urban highways, expressways and bridges and tunnels; cleaning and cleaning of urban main roads, highways and highways.

2, dry sweeping car introduction


Dry road sweeping car is a new type of road sweeping vehicles, do not brush no water, all air operations, by the principle of aerodynamics, the experts identified the leading domestic technology

Independent of intellectual property rights, self-development, development, production of Lu Jie brand series sweeping vehicles all with air, no brushes, no water, no dust, no secondary dust, road cleaning dust truck will be widely used Reduce the amount of respirable particulate matter in the air, completely solve the problem of serious dust pollution, is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving modern sanitation products, the product of environmental protection technical indicators higher than the national industry standards.

3, the introduction of traditional road sweeper

Traditional road sweeper is generally used in Dongfeng or Qingling company's chassis production, and pure suction sweeper and dry road sweater difference is that it has four brushes, rear sucker, the brush to clean the garbage The bottom of the vehicle, and then the vehicle running after the vacuum plate can be garbage through the garbage bin, the general trash and water tanks are made of stainless steel, longer life, with a secondary engine, fan, solenoid valve.

Traditional road sweeper in recent years gradually evolved into a multi-function sweeping vehicles, such as the new with a sprinkler, snow car, sweeping vehicles combined with the multi-functional models , more practical.