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small hooklift garbage truck
Jul 31, 2017

1.small hooklift garbage truck, also known as: small pull arm car, hook arm car, small car unloading garbage truck ex-factory price how much? By Xiamen workers Chu Sheng special car to provide you with! Pulling the jumper mainly through the body with the hydraulic hook arm, the mobile trash cans on the floor or hanging frame, in order to achieve garbage collection, transportation, dumping purposes.

Small-sized pull-and-jumper car is widely used in: municipal sanitation, urban streets, communities, property district, schools, factories and mines, new rural areas, scenic areas, garbage transfer stations, garbage disposal plants, residents living garbage collection points, power plants and other places of garbage And the transport of fly ash. Pull the hook hooks supporting trash appearance, can be used for recycling waste, but also in the box spray on the environment to protect the slogan, play a certain publicity role.


2.Advantages of pull-arm hooks:

1, garbage trucks and trash can be separated independently, to maintain the original car mobility, easy maintenance;

2, garbage truck with hydraulic lift dump function, open the rear trash lock mechanism, you can easily unload the garbage inside the box;

3, pull the hook-type garbage compartment capacity, depending on the garbage truck chassis different trash cans in the 2.5 cubic -12 cubic meters in general;

4, a car can be used with dozens of garbage compartment for recycling and transportation, greatly improving the utilization of vehicles and labor efficiency;

5, with lid-type trash can avoid plastic bags, leaves, paper and other light garbage in the recovery or transport process of secondary environmental pollution problems;

6, the bottom of the trash with a pulley, not directly with the ground contact, to avoid rust, can not reach the garbage does not land.

Warm reminder: As the garbage in the more impurities, corrosive, especially in the garbage garbage, according to the actual needs can be added anti-corrosion coating, or the use of stainless steel to extend the life of the trash. For iron trash cans, trunk dumpers (bucket) and garbage compression vehicles are not easy to wipe the daily garbage containers, to regularly return to the room for warm water rinse and hot water scouring.