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Simple and efficient garbage collection method
Apr 17, 2017

Compressed garbage truck adopts electromechanical integration technology, with the aid of automatic control system of machine, electricity and liquid. Computer control, manual operating system, through the filling and shovel, and other special devices, the realization of garbage into, crush or compressed, strong filling, garbage crowded into the compartment and compaction and shirk, sewage into the sewage compartments, to solve the waste transport process of secondary pollution. Compressed garbage truck with automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression function, high compression ratio, good sealing, large load, easy to operate, environmental protection, the full use of high power of the vehicle. The compressed garbage truck can be fitted with the bucket flip mechanism or the garbage bucket flip mechanism, the operation automation, the garbage collection method is simple and efficient. The garbage truck can be converted into a special purpose garbage truck according to the user's request. About the maintenance of compressed garbage truck, first, is to periodically inspect the compressed garbage truck wiring Harness connection situation, the Main method is also visual, to see the compressed garbage truck wiring harness will be a bundle of wireless skin cracking, loose, contact and other phenomena. If there is no definite representative is normal, if so, must go to the garbage truck after-sales service point for further detailed examination. Secondly, it is to check the tire pressure on the garbage truck periodically, the wear condition of tread, and the looseness of the nut. This check cycle is best for each week, the first method is for visual inspection, and then further to experiment to let the garbage truck run up, see if there will be a deviation or the feeling of playing, if there is, must not be reluctant to use, otherwise will be in the garbage truck in the process of major safety accidents, this time must go to the after-sales service point of the garbage truck four-wheel positioning or dynamic balancing inspection, until after the formal road. Again to check once a week the garbage truck oil, brake oil will be missing, hydraulic device to consider the change of hydraulic oil. Then, is to check the garbage truck chassis has leakage of oil, leakage phenomenon. Garbage truck chassis is generally produced by Dongfeng and other manufacturers, these garbage truck chassis can be in Dongfeng, such as the national after-sales point of UNPROFOR, so not only to have a visual inspection of this aspect of whether there are anomalies, but also best to Dongfeng such manufacturers to sell the chassis part of the regular maintenance. Finally, check the garbage truck fan belt has no breakage or breakage, adjust the tightness of the belt, and timely replacement. Special attention is the garbage truck braking system usually check, garbage truck braking is the effect of friction to produce braking process. But after a long period of use, garbage truck braking will be due to water and sediment and other dirty debris into the friction coefficient will cause a drastic decline in the braking effect of garbage trucks will also be discounted, driving on the pavement, and there may be a great security accident, causing the car to destroy the dead. The above points are the usual necessary test items, only in this way to ensure the safe and normal use of garbage trucks, and to a certain extent to prolong the service life of the garbage truck, reduce the cost of maintenance of garbage trucks.