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Sewage truck
Nov 06, 2017

→Product Introduction 

The truck follows the humanized design concept in the vehicle arrangement, mechanism design and vacuum system design, and conducts the strict scheme optimization. Its supporting parts are the products of domestic well-known advertisers, and it integrates and absorbs the advantages of same vehicle model at home and abroad in the whole design process. Therefore, the technical performance of such vehicle model reaches the international advanced level and takes the leading position in China. It has been widely used in the disposal of urban and rural liquid garbage such as sewage, biogas residue and faeces in the methane-generating pit, catch basin, and inspection well, settling basin and various ditches as well as the extraction, loading and transport and discharge of sediments in the sewage pool of petrochemical plant. 

→Performance Characteristics 

1. The vehicle tank body is made of high quality steel, with high strength and good corrosion resistance. 

2. All parts conduct the strict pre-treatment before the coating prior to the truck loading, with coating surface having high adhesive force and strong durable and weather-proof ability. 

3. The internal surface of vehicle tank conducts the strict anti-corrosion treatment, improving the corrosion resistance of tank and prolonging the service life of the product. 

4. The pumping system of the vehicle uses the product of domestic well-known manufacturer, with stable system performance and reliable operation. 

5. With pumping sewage pump, valve or other supporting parts with reliable quality, domestic leading technology and excellent performance, the system can achieve higher vacuum degree, so that the product has big pumping force, long pumping distance and high pumping efficiency. 

6. The pumping system is equipped with overflow protection device, effectively protecting the pumping system and guaranteeing the stability of pumping system operation. 

7. Sewage discharge includes the discharge under pressure and discharge under gravity flow. They are used conveniently and have higher emptying rate, reducing the sedimentation of sewage in the tank, effectively protecting the inner surface of tank and prolonging the service life of the tank. 

8. The truck is equipped with hand washing device, effectively improving the working environment of operators, and is more humanized in its product performance.