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Safe and stable, reliable performance
Apr 17, 2017

Garbage truck has compressed garbage truck, swing arm garbage truck, hanging bucket garbage truck (self-loading and unloading truck), sealed garbage truck, docking garbage truck, such as different configurations. The compressed garbage truck consists of the chassis, the sealing bin, the hydraulic system, and the system. The whole vehicle is sealed, compressing, dumping itself and compressing the sewage into the sewage compartment. Swing Arm garbage Truck composition: By the chassis, hydraulic lifting assembly, the composition of garbage bucket, through the two arms of the right to ship the unified swing arm of the national garbage bucket, a car more than a bucket, with the self-unloading function, to achieve security and stability, reliable performance. Hanging bucket garbage truck composition: By the chassis, body assembly, automatic lifting charging device, hydraulic system, system and so on. Sealed garbage truck Composition: By car chassis, box, door opener, lifting mechanism, electro-hydraulic control system. Butt-type garbage truck comprises a chassis, a hydraulic control system, a garbage bin and a system.