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Road sweeper maintenance
Aug 01, 2017

1, in order to avoid operational errors, sweeping vehicle control valve is mainly divided into the main valve and vice valve. Then the main difference between the two valves where it is, the main valve power from the road car chassis, vice valve power from the dedicated part of the auxiliary engine. Common sweepers have a pair of diesel, jungle, cummins. The main valve manages the chassis behind the chassis compartment tilting and the rear door of the hydraulic switch, the sub-valve manages the sweeping of the four-way brush (which can be individually controlled one side or all of the work) and sucker work.

2, the road engine vice engine because the choice of different brands of different engine power, but the general speed of 1500 rpm -1800 turn around

3, according to the needs of the work can generally choose whether the need to bring water and dust dust function, the general configuration generally comes with after the water, at the same time pay attention to the water tank is enough water, the general water tank volume is different, working time may be a gap.

4, road sweepers Electromagnetic multi-valve pressure adjustment is generally on the relief valve, the user can adjust the pressure to change the sweeping brush speed.

5, in addition to sweeping the car can be selected according to the road conditions on the left side of the car to brush and the right side of the brush is working at the same time, such as sweeping corners are only open the corner of the side of the brush to turn the work

6, sweeping truck trash can have a small dust deposition, cleaning the trash can be manually manual processing.

7, sweepers sucker from the ground distance should be adjusted according to section of the situation.

8, sweepers vacuum pipe may often have dusty clay adhesion, need to clean up to achieve better results.

9, control the electrical parts of the box in order to use more stable need to be replaced when the best one for a split.

10, sanitation workers should regularly check the functional parts are normal

11, in order to avoid the foreign oil in the hydraulic oil will affect the normal operation of the electromagnetic control valve, sanitation workers should regularly check whether the normal hydraulic oil.

12, often check the vehicle auxiliary engine clutch electric putter limit device is normal.

13, Sweep control button conversion, the time interval should be 5 seconds

14, when the road sweepers of a hydraulic parts work is not normal, according to the first step to check the oil circuit and then check the circuit.

(1) the circuit part is not possible for the following reasons: insurance is broken, the line connection loose off, line break

(2) part of the oil is not possible for some of the reasons are: oil pump failure, tubing rupture or oil connection off the oil spill, solenoid valve failure.