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Oct 19, 2017

The vehicle is modified from high quality second class chassis, and installed with high-pressure cleaning system, integral water tank, front water spray frame and fixed-point cleaning equipment, electrical system, high pressure waterway, reel device and other parts. It has beautiful appearance, comfortable driving, simple operation, flexibility, convenient maintenance, low noise and high reliability, its emission reaches the state IV standard, and it can be widely used for the cleaning and surface cleaning of city sidewalks, non-motor vehicle driveways and others.

→Performance Characteristics 

1. High pressure cleaning system uses the imported original high-pressure plunger water pump, with high pressure up to 150 bar. Its assistant engine is the domestic famous brand engine, with excellent performance and strong power. 

2. Hose reel device with automatic recovery function of QTH5020GQX can realize 15 meters of maximum cleaning range. 

3. The front water spray frame is controlled by hydraulic/electric push rod, so it can achieve 20 degrees of left and right rotation and 100 mm of upper and lower height range, and 3.5m /1.5m of maximum cleaning width. 

4. Fixed-point cleaning device of QTH5030GQX can realize the upward, downward, leftward, rightward deflection, and the maximum system pressure can reach 15 Mpa during the operation.