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Operation introduction
Jul 26, 2017

1. frame structure

The trash cans are made of reinforced beams and welded steel plates. The bottom surface is concave plane, the side and the top surface are curved surfaces, the appearance is beautiful, the weight is light, the force is good and does not deform; the shovel is made of steel frame skeleton and folding panel It is composed of components such as filler shell, skateboard and scraper, and the components are composed of beam plate or box structure with good force, and the structure is not only the structure is light and the garbage can be distributed evenly and the discharge is clean and thorough. , Solid structure, light weight;

2. Seal treatment to eliminate secondary pollution

Garbage in the compression and transportation process in a closed state, the trash and the filler joints with a special rubber seal, the front of the trash cans and dumpers from the rear of the composition of the sewage tank volume of 1.35m, The lower part of the feeder has a sewage tank of 0.3 m in volume, and the water intake port can accept the sewage which is leaking from the aging or breakage of the seal between the hopper and the filler during use. The tank is equipped with cylinder control Or manually controlled discharge valves to facilitate the discharge of sewage at designated locations. The cover of the filler cover completely covers the filling port of the filler, eliminates the phenomenon of dust and dust caused by the disturbance of the vehicle during the transit process, and is more beautiful.

3. Joint control of electrical liquid

The control system of the vehicle combines the advantages of electronic control, air control and hydraulic control, controls the air control system through the electronic control system, and then controls the hydraulic valve group by the air control system, effectively solves the interface between the hydraulic system and the electrical system , Make full use of multi-way valve than the electromagnetic valve anti-oil pollution characteristics, eliminating the valve stuck phenomenon, improve the use of reliability and efficiency;

4. Hydraulic lift safety circuit

In the lifting of the hydraulic system, the installation of the explosion-proof valve, the valve cut off the lifting cylinder and hydraulic hose directly connected, even if the tubing burst, the filler will not suddenly fall to cause a malignant accident, improved use safety;

5. Automatic, manual operating system

The work of each organization is automatic and manual two modes of operation, such as automatic operation failure, manual operation can be done to complete the operation and discharge of garbage, both to ensure the efficient operation of garbage trucks, but also for debugging, maintenance and troubleshooting A great convenience;

6. Engine power output automatic control

The engine power output control, that is, the throttle control, can be fully controlled by the electrical system to meet the power requirements of the garbage filling and pushing the discharge. Under other conditions, the engine is automatically idle and can reduce power loss and fault Incidence, reduce fuel consumption, improve the use of economy;

7. Advanced electronic control system

The use of imported PLC (programmable controller) integrated control, control circuit generated in the PLC, the use of logic circuit to ensure that the operation of the order in accordance with the order, while ensuring the interlock between the operating instructions, the external only the line connection, reducing the failure occurred Speed, to avoid the accident caused by the accident and improve the reliability of the special set of emergency brake button can make the garbage filling mechanism in any state or any position to stop the protection of workers, equipment, security;

8. Convenient operation control

The operation control box is installed in the cab and the rear respectively. The operation control box in the cab can control the pushing discharge and the selection operation mode (such as automatic or manual), and the operation control box at the rear controls the filling and filling mechanism Of the operation, the use of operation is very convenient. Especially in the landfill, the operator can complete the discharge and discharge without having to get off. Can be selected according to user requirements wired remote control device;

9. A variety of turn bucket (bucket) institutions

Different users can be based on different garbage collection, the election of different turn bucket (bucket) institutions: turn the standard garbage drum ZBT59003-88 (300 liters), plastic trash (240 liters), small truck bucket (800 liters ), Sealed covered garbage bucket (1400 liters), large garbage bucket (3350 liters);

10. High quality imported components

Electrical and hydraulic systems are the key components are imported components, such as PLC, proximity switches, buttons, cylinder seals, etc., to improve the reliability of the use of garbage trucks;

11. Optional

According to user requirements, optional imported oil pump, import multi-directional valve group, hydraulic oil cooler, garbage filled with wired remote control device.