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Maintenance of sprinkler trucks
Apr 17, 2017

Sprinkler is divided into two parts: the first part of the chassis, the second is the upper part of the chassis maintenance by the local corresponding chassis service station three packs of one year or 30,000 kilometers, the upper part of the general by sprinkler manufacturer directly responsible for maintenance. Sprinkler in the use of the process, in addition to the chassis part of the usual need to follow the maintenance manual of the chassis manufacturers, tanks, sprinkler pumps and pipe valves and other accessories also need to do daily maintenance. 1, soak pot body: Newly purchased sprinklers should be poured into the water before the use of immersion in five days after the net, then rinse the surface of the coated water, and then fill the water for two days, to put the water into full of drinking water (bottled drinking water can be used for anti-corrosion treatment). 2, the winter timely water: Sprinkler truck water system without antifreeze equipment, so cold area, the temperature below 0 degrees Celsius use, should immediately put the water sprinkler pumps, tanks and waterway system in all the net, pay attention to pump drainage screw plug should be closed tight, to ensure that sealing, otherwise will affect the water pump suction. 3, diligent check all kinds of connection situation: waiting to check the water sprinkler and sprinkler pump connection situation, should be connected to reliable, functioning normally, if the use of the detection of the force and water pump leakage oil, should replace the seal. 4, Ball valve check: the ball valve through the media should not be dirty, lest scratches seal ring, reduce the service life of the ring valve, the ball valve should not be in the semi-open to long-term work, otherwise easy to seal ring deformation. 5, regular wash and wash the strainer: Sprinkler pump filter should wait for frequent and washable, to prevent dross clogging the filter, affect traffic. 6, regular check tank paint: To check the spray tank body paint, if there is a lack of paint where the time to fill the paint, lest the sprinkler tank rust corrosion.