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Main features of compressed garbage truck
Apr 17, 2017

Garbage Compressed garbage truck Compressed garbage truck (8 sheets) The collection method is simple: A change city full street place garbage canister dirty, eliminate secondary pollution. High compression ratio, large load: the maximum crushing pressure of 12 tons, the load is equivalent to the same ton of non-compressed garbage of two times a half. Operation Automation: Using computer control system, all filling discharge operation requires a driver to operate, can set up automatic and semi-automatic 2 mode of operation, not only to alleviate the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also greatly improve the working environment. Good economy: The computer control system automatically controls the throttle when the special equipment works. Double Insurance System: The operating system has the dual function of computer control and manual manipulation, greatly guaranteeing and improving the usage of the vehicle. Flip mechanism: An optional mounting configuration with a garbage canister (or bucket).