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Kitchen waste truck
Aug 12, 2017

Kitchen waste truck, also known as the garbage truck garbage truck or swill car, food waste truck is a garbage truck, is used to collect and transport garbage, food waste (swill) and urban sludge dedicated vehicle. With the development of China's catering industry, China's existing hotels, restaurants, nearly 3.5 million, the amount of food waste generated every day is very alarming, and its collection and transportation in various ways. The kitchen garbage truck for food and garbage is also developing rapidly.


The modified part has the characteristics of high degree of automation such as loading and unloading garbage, reliable working, good sealing, large loading capacity, easy operation, closed process, no leakage of sewage and odor distribution, good environmental protection and so on. Can be equipped with different specifications of the standard trash can, with a wide range of applicability. Kitchen garbage truck is efficient, clean is garbage collection, transport special vehicles.

The kitchen garbage truck not only optimizes the environmental hygiene of the residents, reduces the odor of the food in the air, reduces the possibility of breeding cockroaches and bacteria, improves the environmental sanitation environment and reduces the pollution caused by the scattered garbage.

Mode of operation

Is the barrel of "swill" by the car conveyor belt slowly on the top of the car into the compartment (the car can be divided into the envelope and the tank), the garbage was put through a powerful push plate squeeze, and then Solid liquid separation, the separation of liquid into the tank at the bottom of the sewage tank, solid waste is compressed storage in the tank, the volume becomes smaller, so repeatedly to be filled to the kitchen after the garbage to optimize the processing plant. The whole process, to achieve automation. The classification of food waste collection, centralized processing, not only need to post-harmless, resource-based processing equipment, but also need to collect, transport the special vehicle. Because of the high water content and complex composition of the food, the requirements of the vehicle are good, the operation is simple and safe, the loading and unloading efficiency is high and convenient, and it is required to cooperate with the latter resource.

Technical characteristics of kitchen garbage truck

1. Appearance and beautiful appearance

Trash cross section for the cylindrical frame, the longitudinal section of the trapezoidal frame, both sides and the top are arc shape, the machine looks beautiful and generous.

2. Strong loading capacity

And can achieve the food and garbage in the box of the initial separation of oil and water and garbage reduction, and is equipped with large capacity sewage tank.

3. The tightness between the trash can and the rear door assembly is good

Trash and back door assembly between the use of special reinforced rubber seal, sealing is good, put an end to the secondary pollution.

4. Reliability and safety

The use of electricity, liquid joint control, and set the security switch to ensure that the action is accurate and reliable.

5. Engine power output automatic control

Engine power output to achieve automatic control, non-operation, the engine idling state, the operation, the engine automatically accelerate to meet the operating power requirements to avoid the power loss and system heat, fuel consumption, good economy.

6. Strong mobility

The working tank and the working platform are carried by the chassis, and any place where the swill is to be treated, requires only one driver to be on the go. Its ability to work better.