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Introduction of refuse compression collector
Jul 26, 2017

Refuse compression collector

 By the sealed garbage compartment, hydraulic system, operating system components. The vehicle is fully sealed, self-compression, self-dumping, compression process of sewage into the sewage tank, a more thorough solution to the garbage transport process of secondary pollution problems, the key components of imported parts, with pressure, Good, easy to operate, safe and so on. Optional rear hanging bucket flip mechanism or garbage bucket turning mechanism.


Issues and solutions

1. Operation noise

Domestic compression-type garbage truck widespread operational noise and disturb the people and other issues. In the design and manufacture of garbage trucks, you should carefully select the vehicle chassis, engine and take power, take measures to enhance the stability of the system movement, reduce noise, the use of noise-absorbing materials, structural design should be able to reduce vibration: through the hydraulic system and Loading mechanism of the optimal design, improve the processing accuracy and assembly quality, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing vehicle noise.

2. Poor reliability

As the domestic solid waste has a solid-liquid mixture characteristics, in order to achieve the collection and transportation process without garbage leaking leakage, can be resolved by the following methods.

(1) Install an edge bezel between the hopper and the loader to prevent the waste from leaking,

(2) the car floor should have a certain slope to prevent leakage of landfill leachate.

(3) Install the sewer in the lower part of the caulking device to store the waste water between the compartment and the plug.

(4) to strengthen the loader and the car at the junction of the seal to prevent the waste during the compression process and landfill leachate drip.

3. Low quality utilization

Reduce the quality of compressed garbage truck, improve its load utilization, will reduce vehicle operating costs. Due to the complex structure of the compressed garbage truck, since the design of the vehicle chassis should give priority to the choice of high technological content, good power, since the quality of light, cost-effective domestic chassis: the use of high-strength materials to reduce Such as fender, decorative parts, cover and other auxiliary parts can be used less compact injection parts, the use of high degree of integration of parts to reduce space occupancy and self-quality, while improving the hydraulic system Work performance.

4. Operational comfort

Improve the comfort of driving operations, can reduce the labor intensity of driving operators. To improve the handling performance, change the mechanical control for the electronic control, and equipped with electronic monitoring system