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How to fix and maintains of compression garbage truck
Jul 26, 2017

First of all, is to regularly check the garbage truck wiring harness connection, the main method is visual, see garbage truck wiring harness is a bundle of wireless skin cracking, loose, poor contact and so on. Not sure that the representative is normal, if any, you must go to the garbage truck after-sales service point for further detailed inspection.

Second, it is necessary to regularly check the garbage truck tire pressure, tread wear conditions, nuts loose phenomenon. This check cycle is best for once a week, the method is first visual, and then go to the trial to let the garbage truck running up to see if there will be deviation or pendulum feeling, if any, do not force Use, otherwise it will appear in the garbage truck driving a large security accident, this time must go to the garbage truck after-sales service point for four-wheel positioning or dynamic balance check, until the grid before the official road.

And then to check the garbage truck once a week, the brake oil will be missing, there are hydraulic devices to consider for hydraulic oil.

Then, is to check the garbage truck chassis is leaking, leaking phenomenon. Garbage truck chassis is generally produced by the Dongfeng and other manufacturers, these garbage truck chassis can be in the Dongfeng and other national sales point of UNPROFOR, so not only to their own visual whether this is unusual, but also the best to Dongfeng this After the sale of parts of the chassis part of the regular maintenance.

Finally, check the garbage truck fan belt with no damage or break, adjust the belt tightness, and timely replacement.

Special attention is that the garbage truck brake system usually check, garbage truck brake is the role of friction generated by the braking effect of the process. But after a long period of use, the garbage truck brake will be due to water and sediment and other dirty debris into, which will cause a sharp decline in friction coefficient, so that the garbage truck braking effect will be greatly reduced, On the road, and there may be a lot of security incidents, resulting in car crash.

The above points are usually the necessary test items, the only way to ensure the safety and normal use of garbage trucks, and to a certain extent, to extend the life of garbage trucks, garbage truck repair costs