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How can the smell of the dung truck be removed?
Apr 17, 2017

New car odor from the interior fabrics, such as dashboard, chairs and upholstery fabrics, also do not sweep vehicles in the factory in the car stacking other irritating odor. When the new car comes to smell, it is possible to try the following to remove. A variety of deodorant ways to ensure the outstanding air in the car: 1, less use of air-conditioning often open windows new car odor mainly from parts and interiors, although the new car to pass the examination, but the new car always has some peculiar smell, so often ventilation, although the temperature can sometimes arrive at 30 ℃, driving demand to open air-conditioning, but advocate new car temporarily not open air-conditioning, more open windows adhere to the air circulation. 2, use of bamboo charcoal odor-absorbing products of the air can choose the harmful substances, three-wheeled suction truck Cosmetology shop to sell the packaged activated charcoal bags, of course, can also make their own, for example, buy charcoal with gauze wrapped in good, put in the car, the most preparation of several packs of charcoal replacement use. 3, release fruit suction odor can pick a thicker fruit in the car in addition to the flavor, such as pineapple, orange, lemon, and so on, fresh fruit in the outlet, but the demand for fruit is often replaced. Do not use perfume substitute fruit in addition to odor, because perfume can only conceal odor, can not completely remove odor. 4, the use of rice vinegar in addition to the smell of rice vinegar also removes the function of the car, can be used with water in the car with vinegar adsorption formaldehyde, but car owners if there is respiratory disease, do not advocate this approach.