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garbage truck and development in China
Jul 27, 2017

At present, most of the small and medium-sized cities in the country are mostly scattered in bulk, that is, the use of dump truck Gabon cloth way of transport. Its low degree of mechanization, labor intensity, the secondary pollution in the transport problem is more serious; and uncompressed garbage volume of light weight, low transport efficiency, need to be equipped with more vehicles and personnel, more and more suited to modernization Urban development needs.

The self-loading and unloading truck is a kind of special vehicle which is used in combination with the garbage transfer station. It has the whole structure design compact and compact; the garbage is used to be automated; the use efficiency is high, the weight design of the envelope is large, and the sealing performance is good; Safety, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages. City self-loading and unloading garbage truck can be mechanized automatic loading and unloading garbage, to achieve garbage sealed transport, to effectively prevent the pollution of people and the environment and improve the efficiency of the vehicle, is a safe, energy saving, environmental protection and efficient new sanitation car.

With the speed of urban and rural integration in China, the urban population will be rapidly expanding, the number of cities, size, function will be rapid development, with the appropriate municipal, urban construction, industrial construction and other special vehicles will be the demand Growing. And different regions of the economic level, road conditions, geographical conditions vary widely, which requires companies to develop a market to conduct a rigorous analysis, come up with different strategies and response programs, targeted development and delivery of new products.

Garbage sealed transport vehicles is the national policy guidance and development of the urgent needs of urban self-loading and unloading garbage truck in line with national industrial policy, to meet market demand, coincides with good development opportunities.

City self-loading and unloading garbage truck is a garbage collection station supporting the use of a highly efficient collection and transportation of garbage for urban sanitation vehicles, in the garbage collection and transportation process can be avoided along the process of leakage caused by secondary pollution, is the city sanitation Work the ideal equipment, is the focus of the development of national car planning one of the direction.