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Function of garbage truck
Jul 19, 2017

Garbage truck is mainly carrying garbage, can also support ash, sand, stone, soil and other bulk building materials, but also in the mine or coal construction to send ore or coal.

Garbage truck function Description: garbage bucket can hang hanging under the swing arm a working cycle time 60S, the car is characterized by garbage bucket and body separately, to achieve a car with a number of garbage bucket combination of use, circular transport, fully improved The transport capacity of vehicles, especially for short-distance transport, such as sanitation sector on urban waste and the clean-up, transportation and so on.

Detailed description of the garbage truck for garbage trucks

★ compressed garbage truck: the use of mechanical and electrical integration technology, the use of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic joint automatic control system, through the car, filling, pushing and other special equipment to achieve garbage loading, crushing or crushing, strong filling , And finally the garbage compaction into the compartment, transported to the destination to automatically promote the unloading. Its outstanding features: garbage collection method is simple, efficient, with repeated compression and creep compression and other functions, high compression ratio, loading quality, operation automation, power, environmental protection is good, the vehicle utilization efficiency.

★ Compressed garbage truck Description: Compressed garbage truck mainly through the garbage compartment, fillers, shovels, hydraulic systems and other special equipment, to achieve garbage into, crushed or crushed the new green company produced compressed garbage truck Garbage collection is convenient, efficient, can automatically repeat the garbage, and peristaltic compression function, high compression ratio, loading capacity, operation automation, good sealing characteristics.

★ compressed garbage truck for the whole sealed, compressed sewage directly into the sewage tank, completely solve the garbage transport process of secondary pollution, the key components of the selection of imported parts.

★ with hanging bucket lifting frame, can be used to support the use of the national iron hanging bucket or plastic hanging bucket, strong filling, the garbage pushed into the compartment and compaction and shirking.