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function introduction of sprinkler
Aug 11, 2017

Function Description

Folding water absorption operation

Dongfeng days Kam sprinkler

Dongfeng days Kam sprinkler

(1) sprinkler as close as possible to the operating point, parking.

(2) open the box side door, remove the suction hose, so that swing back, no bending phenomenon.

(3). Pipes the suction hose as much as possible into the water, to ensure that the tube end in the course of work from the surface of 300mm below.

(4) Push the four-way valve handle to the ground.

(5). Will the transmission into the neutral, and then start the engine, separate the clutch, the puller switch pull back to pull the file force, the pump began to run.

(6) the operator through the rear of the head of the observation mirror, when the liquid reaches the middle of the observation mirror, should inform the driver, colleagues should quickly pull the hose from the water or close the four-way valve.

(7) put away the hose, put it back to the box, close the side door.

(8) leave the sprinkler away from the pumping site

Folding spray operation

(1) the four-way valve back to the ground parallel to the ground, open the ball you want to spray (front, after the sprinkler, side spray, shower), and then start the engine, the transmission hanging gear, Switch back pull pull the file force, and then separate the clutch, the pump began to run, began to sprinkle water

(2) the water inside the tank after the sprinkler, the driver should be promptly push the handle to push the handle forward, the sprinkler to stop running.