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Development of refuse compression collector
Jul 26, 2017

1. Garbage monitoring system

In the process of compressed garbage truck work, garbage loading is the concern of the garbage truck load changes and garbage inside the garbage is full, in general, it is difficult to monitor. By loading the garbage monitoring system, can be anytime, anywhere to detect changes in vehicle load and whether the garbage is filled, for garbage truck drivers and managers to provide a reference. Which is conducive to improving the scientific nature of garbage truck operations and traffic safety? At the same time can reduce the workload of staff, improve work efficiency. A small number of domestic models installed the system.

2. Turn the barrel mechanism

Equipped with fully automatic control of the bucket mechanism is the development of compressed garbage truck new direction. Developed countries, especially in Western Europe and the United States of compressed garbage trucks are equipped with advanced screwdriver mechanism, can easily achieve the size of the trash in different locations of automatic crawling, lifting and unloading. Many cities in our country have adopted barrels of garbage collection, but the garbage truck is equipped with the technical level and flexibility is not high. Some foreign stepper-type car can be "far away from the car", flexible take the initiative to grasp the trash, and the domestic garbage truck barrels generally can not move away from the car, so the car should be close to the trash, to the driver with Difficulty.

3. Hydraulic control equipment

(Eg, LS control); smaller throttle loss: reduced piping connection work: no leakage: can be combined with other hydraulic functions, such as the loading mechanism of the hydraulic system The hydraulic pump can supply oil to the pliers and other systems.

4. Green visual effects

The appearance of the vehicle and color of the color has been more and more attention by the sanitation sector, some suitable for different cities taste color of the sanitation vehicles have become a beautiful city landscape. Through the improvement of vehicle shape and performance, can eliminate or reduce visual pollution, to avoid or reduce the operation of the surrounding environment and the impact of personnel, so that sanitation vehicles and operating environment coordination.

5. Deodorant sterilization

Deodorant sterilization technology in the use of compressed garbage truck is also the direction of development. Eliminate the spread of bacteria, reduce odor pollution has become a top priority. At present, some ozone deodorization technology has been successfully used in such products.

6. Separate the compartment

The internal structure of the compressed garbage truck body can be divided into parts by a certain percentage, which allows the compressed garbage truck to collect and separate several different types of garbage at the same time. By optimizing the garbage collection route, garbage collection and recycling to provide more convenience.