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Detachable compartment garbage truck
Sep 19, 2017

Detachable compartment garbage truck is technology-leading in the field of domestic environmental sanitation with its convenient assembly and disassembly, high utilization rate of equipment, and effective and shortcut features, with strong vitality and broad development prospect. It is widely used for the transportation of garbage and coal ash in the garbage transfer station, garbage disposal plant, household domestic refuse collecting station, power plant and other places. The product uses the domestic well-known second class chassis, and matches with various hydraulic lifting devices, providing you with the perfect and the ideal garbage transport tool. 






1.Detachable compartment garbage truck has the advanced technology, stable performance, easy operation, etc. 

2. It has the unique straight arm design and locking mechanism, with strong lifting ability, low dead load and stable performance. 

3. Hydraulic self-dump locking mechanism: unique design and simple operation. 

4. Main control valve is imported with original packaging from Italy, with reliable performance. Specified imported seal ring of Wohler furthest improves the safety and stability of drawing arm hook device.