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Allite road sweeper function introduction
Jun 20, 2018

There are many functions of the sweeper produced by Tonghui Automobile, including garbage collection, road sweeping, road cleaning, high pressure cleaning, snow-removal operations, and snow sweeping operations. Tonghui Auto Multi-function Sweepers are suitable for fast lanes, corridors, and bicycles. Roads, stations, sidewalks, back alleys, parking lots, residential areas, parks and trails, etc. Compared to traditional road sweepers, only road sweeping and garbage collection operations, Tonghui QTH8501 multi-function sweeper is your superior Choice, the beautiful hotline of the city: 0532-83301878

Multifunctional sweeper basic introduction


Multi-function sweeper produces background

1. The need for urban road sweeping

At present, the road sweeping work in most cities in China still needs to be completed manually. Due to the low wages and poor working environment in the road sweeping work, the operation method of artificially sweeping the urban road surface has become increasingly incompatible with the rapid development of modern cities. Because the method of artificially cleaning urban roads is not only inefficient, but also has one of the biggest drawbacks. That is, the working environment of sweeping workers is quite dangerous, and their own safety at work cannot be effectively guaranteed. Therefore, The use of a simple and efficient road sweeping machine - a multi-purpose sweeper instead of a sweeper sweeping on the main roads (city sidewalks still need to be cleaned manually), is not only a general trend, but also can greatly ease the city vehicles to sweep workers The resulting threat will be welcomed by sweeping workers (including their loved ones).

2. Internal pavement cleaning needs of large units

(1) Large-scale coal coking chemical plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, iron and steel smelters and other manufacturers.

(2) Large-scale sports and sports centers, comprehensive universities, tourist attractions, train station squares, stadiums, residents' communities, etc.

These places produce large amounts of domestic garbage every day, and the area is also very large. If you use a special road sweeping machine to clean it, it will be fast and good.

3. Routine maintenance sweeps for highways, national highways, and county and township roads that are relatively long, as well as aircraft runways for civilian airports and military airports.

Multifunctional sweeper features

Mini, only in terms of volume

The QTH8501 combines excellent cleaning capabilities, compact body design and flexibility. Extreme productivity and a sweeping width of 5750px allow the QTH8501 to clean up every corner of the city.

Thanks to its extremely high cleaning capacity, working efficiency and high dumping, the QTH8501's excellent operation results are guaranteed.

Strong, fast

Although the QTH8501 is compact, it is equipped with a DANFUSS drive system. Yanmar's four-cylinder engine provides the power of the sweeping car. It can produce 42.1 kW (3.319L) at 2600 rpm, making the machine reach a maximum of 21 km/h. And can reach 30% climbing ability.


High-capacity waste bins (up to 0.9 cubic meters) and water tanks (270 liters) ensure the efficient operation of the QTH8501 and minimize dumping times. The machine can reach a cleaning speed of 12 km/h and the cleaning efficiency is up to 20,000 m2/hr.

QTH8501 Sweeper Work Display

Tonghui QTH8501 multi-function road sweeper adopts imported Yanmar engine, which is energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and powerful, effectively guarantees operation functions such as road sweeping of sweepers, collection and transportation of garbage trucks, etc. Since the customer has been praised, Tonghui car sweeper warranty for three years of life after sale, Tonghui car wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers inspection order!